Lance Rosol is a professional photographer and videographer, who has spent his 30-plus year career working within a variety of disciplines and artistic styles.  A lifelong resident of Dearborn, he graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and has spent his entire career working in Southeast Michigan.  He is currently employed at Ford Motor Company working as Broadcast Services Manager.

From art photography, to industrial, event and commercial photography, he is continually learning, teaching and perfecting his craft as well as staying in touch with the local artistic community.  During his travels throughout the United States he has broadened his scope of reference as it pertains to styles of photography, but realizes that, although the tools of taking photos might be changing almost daily, what makes up a striking and memorable photograph remains consistent.

Lance started his company, Pixel Perfect Photography in 2003, and currently holds the position of President of the Executive Board of the Dearborn Community Arts Council. He has also received multiple awards for his work, done several solo and joint exhibitions, and his work can currently be seen at