Except for college at Western Michigan University and three-and-a-half years in the Army, Steve Gautreau has lived in Dearborn all his life.

He attended public schools at Southwestern Elementary, Edison Junior High and Edsel Ford High School. As a kid, he studied acrobatics, ballet, Russian dancing and fencing at the Dearborn Center School of Dance. He was an acrobatic clown in the Muirhead Christmas Parades for several years.

Working as a member of the Junior Curators, he was able to help restore the Historical Museum and help build the model of the Arsenal that is in the Commandant's Quarters building.

"An appreciation of the arts was taught to me in the English Humanities classes at Edsel Ford High School," Steve says, where, in addition to English, he studied art and music. "Working in live theater has been a passion of mine since I was a kid."

Steve was in plays in junior high and high school. He was also involved in theater many times in college, taking classes at both Henry Ford Community College and WSU.

He was first invited to join the Players Guild of Dearborn in 1961, where he learned to do lighting and sound design.

He has been able, over the years, to do theater in five states and Canada, and has been awarded 14 P.A.G.E. Awards for lighting, sound and set design. Steve was inducted into the Dearborn Theater Hall of Fame in 1997.

Steve became involved with the Dearborn Community Arts Council as a representative of the Players Guild. After his retirement from his career as a purchasing manager, he volunteered more with the DCAC, helping with lighting shows in the Padzieski Art Gallery and other opportunities.

Steve also serves on the Dearborn Area Theater Association Scholarship Committee and volunteers with Meals on Wheels.