Art of “Early American Hooked Rugs” – Teatime with Artists June 8

The DCAC and the Michigan Rugg Artistes Guild of Dearborn are presenting an exhibition at the Padzieski Art Gallery featuring hand crafted works demonstrating the intricate and exquisite designs of early American hooked rugs. The exhibit is now open, and includes the DCAC’s free monthly gallery art talk, “Teatime with the Artists” with “artistes” from the exhibition on June 8 at 2 p.m.

Though some scholars trace rug hooking back to ancient Egypt, the Michigan Rugg Artistes Guild of Dearborn honors the comparatively more recent history of this art and its craft born out of necessity in the early, drafty homes of Colonial America. The simplicity of the hooking process allowed rug makers the freedom to express their individual creativity while providing practical floor coverings for warmth.

“Early American Hooked Rugs” is more than a celebration of folk art. This exhibition highlights the many diverse and distinctive styles in which these textiles and fabrics can be presented. The show features designs through the ages as well as contemporary designers and purveyors of the craft and the many talented local artists who bring life to these visions, patterns, and designs.

Dearborn is fortunate to have its very own slice of American history preserved and expanded upon by the Guild in this rare exhibition. Besides the Guild’s sense of humor, offering a chance to “meet your local hookers doing their thing,” it’s also important to them that attendees are presented with an educational opportunity to learn more about the art of rug hooking. Weekly demonstrations will be a part of the exhibition.

Check the DCAC website for more details and opportunities as they’re presented.