Celebrate Dearborn’s “HIGHLIGHTS” in June

From June 6 - 30, The Padzieski Art Gallery presents its annual “HIGHLIGHTS” exhibition. The show is comprised of recent works by the Artists’ Society of Dearborn (ASD), which this year also includes work from the Arab American National Museum’s award-winning SURA Arts Academy, a student photography program. Featured artists will speak at the DCAC’s FREE Gallery Art Talk “Art & Appetizers” on Thursday, June 27, from 5-7 p.m.

“HIGHLIGHTS: Artists’ Society of Dearborn & SURA Arts Academy Student Photography” is an exhibition of outstanding and wide ranging artwork from the ASD in 2D and 3D formats including oil and water based paintings as well as pastels, mixed media and photography. The AANM, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of artists, is sharing eight works from their SURA Arts Academy – an after-school program providing professional photography lessons to middle and high schoolers in Dearborn and metro Detroit through ACCESS since 2000.

Equipped with cameras supplied by the AANM, students from different cultural backgrounds develop an understanding of the mechanics of photography and career opportunities in the field. Professional photographers and educators, including the DCAC’s own Bruce Harkness, have lead these discussions and explorations, helping students gain insight into issues of identity, ethnicity, diversity, and community history. The eight images included in “HIGHLIGHTS” – of the students’ families, friends and communities – represent just a portion of the inspiring creative output of the SURA Arts Academy.

The next SURA program is a summer camp and takes place July 29-Aug. 2.  Students will embark on daily field trips, exploring, documenting and photographing their surroundings. This semester, students will focus on issues of home, community and culture, telling their story and capturing experiences through their photographs. More information at: www.arabamericanmuseum.org/sura

The student’s work is shown side by side in the Padzieski Gallery with some of the best from The ASD and their most recent exhibitions. The ASD (www.dearbornart.com) includes theme challenges, such as an exploration of texture, which encourages their group to explore creativity within specific guidelines. These theme challenges will also be on display.

The exceptional quality of the student work often presents its own fun challenges as viewers enjoy  trying to distinguish between the art shown by these talented local youngsters and the more experienced members of the ASD. 

The Padzieski Art Gallery is free to visit and open Tuesdays through Fridays from 12-6 p.m. and also select weekends. The Gallery can be reached by phone during hours of operation at 313-943-5377 and the DCAC website provides more information at www.dcacarts.org.

This impressive exhibition represents a variety of works from the many talented young artists of Dearborn and the ASD and will be on display at the Padzieski Gallery through June 30.