Art abounds in Dearborn! To honor the achievements of outstanding artists and thank those who support the arts, the public is invited to attend Dearborn’s version of the Oscars for the arts – the prestigious Mayor’s Arts Awards.

The Dearborn Community Arts Council and the Mayor’s Office, in partnership with the Dearborn Community Fund, present the 31st Annual Mayor’s Arts Awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 10 at 7 p.m. in Studio A at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center. The public is invited to attend the awards, enjoy the entertainment, and celebrate with the honorees at the Afterglow reception in the Padzieski Art Gallery. Admission is free.

The Mayor’s Arts Awards Selection Committee announces and congratulates the following individuals and organizations being honored for enriching lives and communities in 2018 through their artistic talents or their dedication to supporting the arts.

The Mayor's Award will be presented to sculptor Lois Teicher. This award is given to a Dearborn resident who has achieved prominence in the arts through support or performance. Teicher’s work is on exhibit through April 11, 2019 in the Padzieski Gallery at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.

The Artist/Performer Award will be presented to opera singer Quinto Milito, founder of the Friends of the Opera Michigan. This award is given to a fine arts artist or performing artist from the greater Dearborn community who has consistently made an impact in his or her artistic discipline.

The Arts Educator Award will be presented to Becky Ventura. This award recognizes an arts educator from the greater Dearborn community who has provided students with exemplary educational opportunities and has shown the importance of the arts through example.

The Patron Award recognizes individuals, businesses or corporations that have supported excellence in the arts by contributing to an arts organization or to the greater Dearborn arts community. The 2018 Patron Award will be presented to Howard and Jennifer Pingston of Cricket Properties.

The Organization Award will be presented to the Museum Guild of Dearborn. This award recognizes an arts organization for outstanding contributions to the advancement and support of the arts in the greater Dearborn community.

The Volunteer Award recognizes an individual who, through their volunteerism, has demonstrated significant accomplishment in advancing and supporting the arts in the greater Dearborn community. The 2018 Volunteer Award will be presented to Ghinwa Karkaba.

This year the DCAC will present an award that is not given every year. It is reserved for individuals who, through exceptional selfless dedication to the arts on a broader scale, have made a significant impact on the Dearborn community and beyond. This year, the DCAC presents its Special Recognition Award to Dearborn Symphony President Sandy Butler.

Entertainment for this year’s Mayor’s Arts Awards includes pianist Jacqueline Csurgai-Schmitt and Edsel Ford High School students performing selections from their upcoming musical, “Mary Poppins.” MC for the evening is Richard Moore, well known for his long association with the Players Guild of Dearborn.

Arts Awards sponsors include: Don and Mary Kosch, The Glass Academy, Ameriprise Financial-Jim Thorpe, and Park Place Banquets & Catering. Advertising space is available in the Mayor’s Arts Awards program by contacting DCAC Executive Director Ralph Valdez at rvaldez@ci, or 313-943-3095.

The Ford Community & Performing Arts Center is located at 15801 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI 48126.

For more information about the Mayor’s Arts Awards or the Dearborn Community Arts Council, call (313) 943-3095.

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2017 Mayors Arts Awards Winners

  • The 2017 Arts Patron Award: Park Place Caterers
  • The 2017 Arts Educator Award: Sharon Baloga
  • The 2017 Volunteer Award: David Wood
  • The 2017 Artist / Performer Award: Haydar Al Yasiry
  • The 2017 Arts Organization Award: Stout Theater Company
  • The 2017 Mayor's Award: Noretta Dunworth
  • The 2017 DCAC Bravo Award:  Leslie Herrick

Past Winners

Mayor's Award

2016 The Glass Academy
2015 Dearborn Youth Symphony
2014 William K. Brehm
2013 Stella Greene
2012 East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority
2011 Greg Viscomi
2010 Jim Walters
2009 Wendy Sample
2008 Jeff Oshnock
2007 Teresa Lousias
2006 Gary Kuhlmann
2005 Rosemary Jefferson
2004 Fred Birkhill
2003 Stephen Hamp
2002 Players Guild of Dearborn
2001 Peg Watson
2000 Quinto Milito
1999 Robert W. Curtis
1998 Bradley Pfeifer
1997 Noretta Dunworth
1996 G. Kevin Dewey
1995 Phillip Hespen
1994 Tony Russo
1993 Mary C. Lewandowski
1992 Dale Van Dorp
1991 Earl and Theresa Lundy
1990 James Limbacher
1989 Emma Jean Woodyard
1988 Jane and Jerry Fellrath

Artist/Performer Award

2016 Dave Gordon
2015 Joseph Deller
2014 Janet Kondziela
2013 Lance Rosol
2012 Linda Lukens
2011 Isabelle Renaud
2010 Adnan Chara
2009 Mike Mosallam
2008 Brian Townsend
2007 Barbara Selinger
2006 Mohamad Bazzi
2005 Dan Cascardo
2004 Dino Valle
2003 Ray Alcodray
2002 Bruce Simpson
2001 Jo Ann Korczynska
2000 Lisa Andres
1999 Lois Teicher
1998 Jacqueline Csurgai-Schmitt
1997 Tim Briody
1996 Millard Berry
1995 Joseph French
1994 Paul Bruce
1993 George Popovich
1992 Mary F. Bremer
1991 J.William Poceta
1990 Josephine Culkar
1989 Paul Ganson
1988 Steve Errante

Patron Award

2016 Green Brain Comics
2015 Kenwal Steel
2014 Insyte, Inc.
2013 MotorCities National Heritage Area
2012Dearborn Education Foundation
2011 The University of Michigan-Dearborn
2010 The American Association of University Women
2009 Roy Karcher
2008 Don and Mary Kosch
2007 Starbucks Coffee (West Dearborn)
2006 Macys
2005 Merchant's Fine Wine
2004 Visteon Corporation
2003 Exchange Club of Dearborn
2002 Rosemary Jefferson
2001 Dearborn Federal Credit Union
2000 Kiwanis Club of Dearborn
1999 Little Professor Book Center
1998 Dr. Leonard and Mary Zudick
1997 Frank and Mary Padzieski
1996 Ford Motor Land Development
1995 Dearborn Federal Savings Bank
1994 Alberta Muirhead
1993 Westborn Mall Merchants
1992 Target Stores
1991 Dearborn Rotary Foundation
1990 Dearborn Press and Guide
1989 Jacobson's
1988 Ford Motor Company Fund
1988 Park Place

Organization Award

2016 The Player's Guild of Dearborn
2015 Arab American National Museum
2014 Mexican Patriotic Committee
2013 Dearborn Public Library
2012 Vanguard Voices
2011 The Artists Society of Dearborn
2010 The Motor City Brass Band
2009 Dearborn Senior Council on the Aging
2008 Federation of Women's Service Clubs
2007 Dearborn Area Theatre Association
2006 Dearborn Recreation Department
2005 Arab-American National Museum
2004 Detroit Dance Collective
2003 Dearborn Symphony Orchestra
2002 Henry Ford Community College
2001 Garden Club of Dearborn
2000 General Henry Dearborn Quilting Society
1999 Friends of the Library of Dearborn
1998 Dearborn Youth Symphony
1997 Music Guild of Dearborn
1996 Fair Lane Music Guild
1995 Dearborn Ballet Theatre
1994 Dearborn Arts and Crafts
1993 Sing Out Dearborn
1992 Dearborn Public Schools
1990 Players Guild of Dearborn
1989 Dearborn Historical Museum
1988 Women's Association for the Dearborn Orchestral Society

Arts Educator Award

2016 Su Doman
2015 Jay Korinek
2014 Dr. George Popovich
2013 Lisa Meyer
2012 Catherine Prowse
2011 Kurt Doelle
2010 Carmelle Atkins
2009 Mike Kalasz
2008 Kate Blair
2007 Jaqueline Turri Bacus
2006 Gerry Dzuiblinski
2005 Maritsa Madias-Kalasz
2004 James Gross
2003 Greg Phillip Viscomi
2002 Christine Sickle
2001 Karen Pritchard
2000 Diane Mancinelli
1999 Russ Gibb
1998 Linda Tolias
1997 Patricia Reiter
1996 Freda Ensign
1995 Rick Goward
1994 Ralph Hashoian
1993 Jesse D. Young
1992 Wendy Sample
1991 Helen Thomas
1990 Paul Bruce
1989 Eileen Kelly
1988 Wilma Stone and Eleanor Heth

Volunteer Award

2016 Bruce Harkness
2015 Margaret Schaefer
2014 Wendy Balaka
2013 Nancy Scott
2012 Mary Beth Oravec
2011 Cynthia Frabutt
2010 Ben I. Bachrach
2009 Gordon Mosley
2008 Alice Putrus
2007 Carol Peterson
2006 Tashi Georgoff
2005 DFCU Financial Volunteer Corps
2004 David Gorden
2003 Janis Bazian
2002 Kathy Mehram and Marybeth Oravec
2001 Sharon Moore
2000 Sandy Butler
1999 Helene Pierce
1998 Irja Connolly
1997 Tena and Gei Oei
1997 Margaret Schrader
1996 Shirley Dedinsky
1995 Bernice Herm
1994 Eleanor Bodurow
1993 Mary Corsi-Jarvis
1992 Hans and Eileen Prinsen
1991 Robert W. Curtis
1990 Ruth Bruce
1989 Patricia Daoust
1988 Arthur and Rosemary Jefferson
1988 Fred and Jessie Schneidewind

Bravo Award

(Selected by the DCAC )
2016 Jessica Carreras
2015 Martin Zbosnik
2014 Bunnie Sandhu
2013 Karen Holland
2012 Bob Varty
2011 Leslie Greeneisen
2010 Joan Arrick
2009 Steve Gautreau
2008 Joseph T. Marks
2007 Jeff Ostrowski
2006 Leonard and Richard Moore
2005 Sharon Moore
2004 Alice Bancroft
2003 Julie Moreno
2002 Isabelle Renaud
2001 Jeff and Kim Kramb
2000 Evelyn Roy
1999 Allan Farhoud
1998 Craig Gonzolez
1997 Cora Larson
1996 Christine Schechter
1995 Tom Clark
1994 Maxine Zietz
1993 Gary Kuhlmann
1992 Donna Povich
1991 Tim Briody
1990 Robert W. Curtis

Special Recognition Award

(given only when appropriate, by the DCAC)
2016 Bob Curtis
2011 Frank Padzieski
2008 Oakwood Health Systems, Dearborn
2006 Michael and Kari Guido
2005 Ford Community and Performing Arts Center
2004 The City of Dearborn
2003 The Henry Ford
2001 Emma Jean Woodyard