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A great Art summer camp experience

How often have you heard the word “camp” and subsequently thought of bug bites and mosquito coils but no fun summer memories? I know these are not the best associations, but believe us when we say camp can be everything you want. Camp can be an important time for self-discovery, connection with others, and rediscovering one’s independence. It is an opportunity to learn new skills or hone old ones, such as archery and canoeing.

Things to do

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What you get

Art Camps are a unique experience for children and offer a new way to learn about the arts. You may want to think of art camp as a kind of summer school, allowing your child to see their creativity in action, while engaging with its themes and concepts through different mediums and exercises.

Awesome trips

At Art Camp we believe, in the importance of new experiences to gain knowledge about ourselves, others and our world. That is why every summer we arrange awesome travel excursions to fun and enriching places. One of the unique things about Art Camp is that we know our campers are curious minds that can’t just stay put at camp so we take them on various awesome trips to places where they can see creative ideas in action.

Unforgettable memories

Whether you want to create an unforgettable experience or just want to relive one of your life’s best memories, Art Camp provides a safe and fun environment to do so. The summer camp season allows children to improve their craft, build confidence and make new friends.

Strong friendships

Art Camp creates a place for children to explore and experiment with their creativity. We believe that art can be a great place to find common ground between kids and, ultimately, strengthen their relationships with each other. Each summer camp experience is designed to provide opportunities for children to learn about one another in a safe and positive environment.

Learning activities

Nature – the biggest teacher of all!


Why our camp

We are an art studio that offers craft classes, creative camps and arts education programs for children and adults. Our aim is to teach the art experience through different mediums and inspire creativity in a child’s life. We focus on new and modern ways of teaching art and ensuring your child’s growth both as an artist and a human being in a fun and creative environment


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